Hortiscape HTC BOARD ET is made of rock mineral wool fibers bound with a patented sustainable ECOSE binder that is based on natural resources. Due to its optimised properties, it is the perfect ultra-light and dimensionally stable high-quality premium growing media.

The HTC BOARD ET ensures excellent water retention and conservation and is an excellent growing media made from various mineral mixtures.

Available in different densities, thicknesses, and tailor- made dimensions according to customer needs.
Thicker boards of up to 250 mm can be obtained as non-standard version. Ready-to-use and pH- neutral.


Optimal growing conditions
Ready as pH neutral
initial WC at drainage > 90 %
max. sinking time < 25 sec.

Proven in horticulture as a high quality growing media


HTC BOARD ET can be used for the production of whole range of
proffesional horticultural products, including:

  • propagation plugs
  • propagation blocks
  • growing slabs
  • small cubes used for pot cultivation

Due to their optimized properties they are perfect high quality growing media, used for hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, herbs and flowers.


Excellent water absorption
Perfect water and air ratio
Innovative horticulture solution
Improved root growth