Hortiscape Plugs


Hortiscape Plugs

Hortiscape Plugs is used to grow seedlings from seeds. When the seedling is large enough to be transplanted, simply transfer the plug to the Hortiscape Block 75 cube (with a suitable hole); this will allow optimum growth of the young plant. When the root system in the cube is sufficiently developed, place the cube on a suitable Hortiscape Slab 100 slab.

Product dimensions:

Hortiscape Plugs Ø28:
tray with Ø28mm plugs (height 40mm) – 126 pcs/tray

Hortiscape Plugs Ø38:
a tray with Ø38mm plugs (height 40mm) – 84 pcs/tray


Excellent water absorption
Perfect water and air ratio
Innovative horticulture solution
Improved root growth