How to use

easy to use

Horticape products are easy to use.

  1. Put seeds in Hortiscape plugs. They are perfect to propagate different vegetables and plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.
  2. When seedlings are large enough to be transplated, simply transfer the plug to Hortiscape products for growing vegetables or plants (e.g. Hortiscape Block 75). This will allow optimum growth of young plants. System offers optimal final development of plants and root system. Hortiscape Block are designed to suit the dimensions of Hortiscape Plugs 28 or Plugs 38.
  3. In the last step translfer the cube to the slab. Hortiscape Slab improves absorption of water and dissolved nutrients, provides optimal water-air regime and enables regulation of type and quantity of nutrients, pH and EC values in the growing medium.